The Artists’ Story

John and Shirl are artists living in Gardiner, Montana, at the edge of Yellowstone National Park along the Yellowstone River. They have been professional artists since the early 1990s; Shirl is primarily a painter and John primarily a bronze sculptor. And together, they create one-of-a-kind lighting pieces and some furnishings.

Their hobby is architecture. After discovering their amazing locale on the Yellowstone River at the entrance to Gardiner – which was calling to them for beautiful spaces with natural materials, large windows, and solar concepts – they designed and built their home, Studio, and Gallery themselves. Next, they took on the project of remodeling the existing home into the Guest House – making it a comfortable, completely furnished vacation rental for larger groups or extended families.

As they opened their doors to Elk River Art Studio and Gallery, clients came in and enjoyed the new space and art. Their generous compliments sparked the inspiration for adding guest accommodations to the Gallery space, where both the art and the architecture could be part of the Yellowstone experience.

What do John and Shirl do in their spare time? In addition to raising their 2 children, they enjoy hiking, kayaking, cross-country skiing in Yellowstone and the surrounding area. If they’re lucky, they can fit in some reading, photography, gardening, and even a little travel once in a while. Traveling always reminds them why they’ve chosen to call this place home.